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C.S. Reaser’s Special Corn Whiskey

Mason Dixon Distillery / C.S. Reaser’s Special Corn Whiskey

C.S. Reaser's Special Edition

Corn Whiskey

Distilled between 80 & 90 proof

Corn whiskey is classic Americana and the only spirit that can bear the name “Whiskey” without having spent a single day in a barrel.  Our corn is all grown locally which gives it it’s own unique Gettysburg flavor. While Corn Whiskey’s cousin, Bourbon,  takes on different flavors from the barrel it’s aged in, Corn Whiskey itself keeps it’s freshly ground corn notes all the way from it’s initial milling and into it’s final pour into your glass

Corn whiskey can be used as a substitute for bourbon in many cocktails, all while providing a totally different quality. It brightens already established cocktails with its buttery, sweet, corn notes as opposed to the usual woody and caramel flavors that are found in bourbon.

It’s a good sipping whiskey but if you want a cocktail,  we have some innovative ones. Try our  Diamondback, classic Mint Julep, or a classic Whiskey Ginger.

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