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C.S. Reaser’s Special Aged Rum

Mason Dixon Distillery / C.S. Reaser’s Special Aged Rum

C.S. Reaser's Special Edition

C.S. Reaser's Special craft-distillery-aged rum from Mason Dixon Distillery

Aged Rum

Distilled between 80 & 90 proof

We take our delicious white rum, place it in a charred American White Oak barrel, and let the barrel work it’s magic.

Our rum is aged in once used bourbon barrels (we will have some virgin barrel releases in the future), and the result is a complex rum with  hints of vanilla, caramel, and honey. There’s also a touch of smokiness from the barrel as well.

This rum is a downright crowd-pleaser. It is a delicious aged rum with a ton of flavor that drinks similar to a whiskey. Our aged rum tends to fly off the shelves when new batches get released, so get some while it is available.

Try this spirit in Classic Rum and Coke, in a Rum Russian, or our favorite way, over a single ice cube.

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