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C.S. Reaser’s Special Rum

Mason Dixon Distillery / C.S. Reaser’s Special Rum

C.S. Reaser's Special


Distilled between 80 & 90 proof

Rum can be made from any form of sugarcane. Fresh squeezed cane juice has a short shelf life so it is not an option for us in the Northeast. Refined white sugar tends to leave spirits with a harsh character, so that leaves us with molasses. Using 100 percent molasses to make our rum leaves us with a spirit that has huge character but is still very smooth. With notes of molasses coming though, this rum has flavors to it that are usually only found in an aged rum.

Like our vodka, our white rum is featured in a lot of our rotating cocktails: Mojitos, Painkillers, and our Dark and Stormier. It has an amazing molasses aroma, backed up with great flavor that makes it a great fit in any classic Rum cocktail. Like every spirit at Mason Dixon Distillery, it is also great for sipping on over a single ice cube.

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