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C.S. Reaser’s Special Vodka

Mason Dixon Distillery / C.S. Reaser’s Special Vodka

C.S. Reaser's Special Edition

C.S. Reaser's Special craft-distilled Vodka from Mason Dixon Distillery in Gettysburg, PA


Distilled Between 80 & 90 proof

90% Wheat, 10% Malted Barley, and incredibly smooth to sip. Our Vodka gets distilled twice and brought up to over 190 proof (We have to, the feds say so) and then gets proofed down to drinking strength by the cleanest water you have ever tasted. After proofing it down we filter the vodka through an activated carbon filter; this filter removes almost all remaining flavor. The flavor that is left behind is Wheat sweetness and some Malt Toastiness. When consumed over ice, it gives your tongue the most gentle hint of where the vodka came from and it is delightfully smooth. While others use things like sugar or glycerin to make their vodka smooth we don’t put in a single additive.

Try our vodka with our Lavender Lemonade, Jalapeno Moscow Mule, or simply over ice.

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